Like all good wines from around the world Pebblebed wines are an expression of our local Devon “Terroir”.    The land and climatic conditions in this part of East Devon are well suited to grape growing and indeed grapes were grown nearby certainly in the middle ages and possibly by the Romans.

We grow a number of different grape varieties suited to Devon over an area of about 25 acres and particularly focus on vine varieties that ripen well and do not need spraying with harmful chemicals.  These include Pinot Noir Precoce, Seyval Blanc, Madeleine Angevine, Phoenix, Regent, Solaris and Rondo. In the vineyard we very much apply sensible environmental practices and for a number of years were certified organic.  In the winery we apply a similar approach and great care with the aim of producing as “natural” a wine as possible.

We produce both Sparkling – made using the traditional or “Champagne” method and still white, rose and in good years our pinot noir red. Please click on the pictures below to obtain a description of the wines and to purchase. Please note the correct wine vintage is in the descriptive text (the picture may show a different vintage).

Our wine history

Our first wine was from the Community Vineyard in 2002. This was named Dodo Tree after a tree on the skyline of the vineyard which resembled the extinct bird. The wine was well received and both the 2002 and 2003 wines won awards.

The first commercial vintage of Pebblebed Rosé 2004 caused a stir when it was a surprise winner of a prestigious Gold Medal in the English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition, one of only a handful of Gold Medals presented.

Since our early vintages we have continued to produce award wining wines made predominantly from our own grapes.  In 2010 we built our own winery at Clyst St George and the winemaking has been expertly undertaken by Alex Mills who has a degree in Winemaking and Viticulture.

Our Sparklings have won top spot and gold medals in the South West Vineyards Association Awards in 2014 (white sparkling) and 2015 (rose sparkling).


Sparkling Rose 2013 – Gold medal winner – Top Sparkling Rose in South West

Sparkling White – 2013 – Silver medal winner

Pebblebed White – 2014

Pebblebed Rose – 2013

Pebblebed Red – 2014

 Pebblebed Sparkling Wine Equipment
We are grateful for a partial grant to purchase new dosage and filling equipment from the above funds.  The equipment is used to increase production and quality and has already resulted in increased employment and efficiencies.