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Darts Farm has always had an incredibly strong relationship with Pebblebed; founders Geoff and Anna Bowen have been close friends for decades, and we have seen the business grow from the local community project in 1999, to the 22 acres it is today.

Sadly, a few years ago, our dear friend Geoff passed away, leaving his wife Anna at the helm. With the head winemaker, Alex Mills, part of the team for nearly 10 years, they have worked amazingly hard and continued to produce the award-winning sparkling and still wines that they are famous for.

However, recently Anna decided that it was time to step down and pass on the reins of Pebblebed and I am extremely proud to say that Pebblebed is now part of our Darts Farm family.

It was Geoff’s belief, and ours, that Darts Farm is the perfect marriage for the quaint & beautiful vineyard; not only do we share the same ethos’ and values, but we have the passionate team that can help take Pebblebed onto the next step of the journey; helping it to grow and evolve and showcase how incredible English wine is.

The day-to-day running of the vineyard and making of the wine will continue under the expert hands of Alex, the head wine maker; and during busy periods our farm team will be there to lend a helping hand.

Of course, the big annual community harvest will continue as it always has, and we will be calling on you to help get the grapes off the vines and into winery; but there will also be so much more going on: from vineyard tours and tastings to ‘meet the producer’ evenings and other Artisan Experience events.

There is such a bright future for this iconic vineyard and we are so excited to continue to build on its unique heritage and legacy.

Michael Dart

Pebblebed Vineyard Tours

Thursdays & Saturdays from May 5th to September 22nd 2022

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Thank you for your patience – we look forward to welcoming you to Pebblebed Vineyards.


Pebblebed Vineyard is located in the beautiful Devon countryside, close to the town of Topsham, and is open to visitors throughout the year.


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